Downtown's Pie Social (A Field Guide for November 3)

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There's going to be a lot to see and do at the Chow Bella/Roosevelt Row Pie Social this Saturday, but stay focused -- there are going to be a lot people on the same mission: Drop off the pies (optional), get the tasting tickets, find the best pies, taste, and repeat.

You might need a little help to boost your pie-eating efficiency ... and figure out where the hell the water (and the ice cream) is. And that's where we come in. Here's a peek at our hints and hot spots for the Pie Social on Nov. 3:

illustration by Claire Lawton

More hints after the jump ...

Pie Social Basics:

Time/Place: November 3, 2 p.m., Roosevelt and Second Streets

Bring: Two pies or $10 for five tasting tickets.
Rules for community bakers: Be sure to put your name/phone number on masking tape on the bottom of your dishes so we can return them.
Note: NO MEAT OR DAIRY BASED PIES, PLEASE, PER COUNTY HEALTH DEPT. But you can make a variety of pies, including caramel, nut, chocolate or fruit. Butter (or other dairy) in the crust is NOT an issue.

Celebrity Chefs:
Brady Breese, Urban Cookies/Ollie Cakes
Tammie Coe, Tammie Coe Cakes
Jeff Kraus, Crepe Bar
Karen Olson, Vonceil's Pies
Monti Carlo, Fox TV's MasterChef, Mornings on MY 103.9
David Duarte, Hyatt Regency Phoenix
Slade Grove, Slade Grove Creative Gourmet
Winnona Herr, District American Kitchen and Wine Bar
Kristen Campbell, St. Francis
Tim O'Connor, Honey Moon Sweets
Amanda and Corianne Sizemore, Treehouse Bakery
Virginia Senior, Urban Beans
Tonya Saidi, Mamma Toledo Pies
Traci Wilbur, Pie Snob

Croquet: Roosevelt Row and ASU Sculpture students are creating a croquet tournament on the grass. Participation is $5 per person and each game will be two against two or three against three. The games will kick off at 2 p.m.

Eats: Fill up on pie (duh), plus surrounding grub at Jobot, Bliss/ReBAR, Nachobot, and Carly's Bistro.

Art: Check out exhibitions at Eye Lounge, Modified Arts, and Phoenix Art Museum.

Shop: Find vintage and handmade treasures at MADE art boutique, Butter Toast, GROWop, and The Lab.

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