Life of Pi and Dinner at The Dhaba

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Heather Hoch
Lamb Vindaloo at the Dhaba

The Dhaba

After watching some early scenes of the Patel family chowing on curry, we couldn't help but be subliminally convinced to go get Indian food--or as they call it in India, food.
The Dhaba sits nestled in a little plaza of Indian cafes and shops and has pretty much been our go-to spot for Indian cuisine for years. Having heard that its food has recently lost its luster, we felt compelled to see if the rumors were true.

Thankfully, they weren't. The lamb vindaloo, a spicy tomato-based sauce filled with large hunks of succulent lamb and potatoes, was as mouth-burningly satisfying as we remember. The saffron basmati rice was intoxicatingly fragrant and who can go without getting a mango lassi?

One of our longtime favorites, the Punjabi veggie platter was also still up to snuff. While the name would suggest a plate of fresh or slightly cooked bland vegetables, what you get is an assembly of lightly fried pakora (fritter) appetizers, like samosas and paneer. The trio of dipping sauces--one spicy, one herby and one sweet--compliment the entire plate in completely different, totally tasty ways. Do yourself a favor and finish it off with their Indian-style rice pudding called badami sevian kheer.

Don't believe the hype, y'all. Good restaurants get called bad after a while and vapid movies get commended on their spiritual depth. Needless to say, we're more inclined to believe in a higher power eating at the Dhaba than watching Life of Pi.

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The Dhaba

1872 E. Apache Blvd., Tempe, AZ

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