Chow Bella's Gift Guide for the Starving College Student

Single Serve Coffee Maker
Back to that coffee thing we mentioned: The habit adds up. When the line at the local coffee shop stretches out the door and we're running to make class on time, being late can be just as bad as showing up sans drink. Consider this gift an education investment.

There are plenty of varieties, from the Keurig ($99 and up) to the Nescafe Dolce Gusto ($59 on Amazon, for the Italian major in your life), even Starbucks has their line of Verisimo machines ($199).

Collection of Family Recipes
There are a quite a few things your college student will be missing about home not the least of which will probably be all those home-cooked meals. Care packages are great, but eventually they'll blow through that bag of popcorn -- knowledge, however, will last a lifetime. Do your student a favor and give the gift of the family recipes that they've grown up eating, but never learned to make.

Six Pack of Four Peaks Beer
It's four months into the school year, which means your college student is probably overdosed on Pabst Blue Ribbon and Rolling Rock, making this a perfect opportunity for you to ride in on your white horse and save them from the horrors of cheap beer. Take the safe route and bundle up a six pack of something from local-favorite Four Peaks Brewery and you're sure to top their favorite relatives list through at least the New Year.

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