10 Food Myths Debunked

Katie Johnson
Carrots can give you better eyesight.... and orange skin.

Vaughan: "Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which converts to Vitamin A (retinol) as needed. If a person eats too many carrots or drinks too much carrot juice (or other vegetables/fruits very high in beta-carotene), the palms of the hand, soles of the feet and other areas of skin will turn a strange orange. Think of the shade of a really bad spray on tan!"

Johnston: "Vitamin A (retinal) travels to the eye and optimizes vision in dim light. Vitamin A is also important for mucus secretion keeping our skins and eyes moist.

In severe vitamin A deficiency not only is night vision impacted, total vision may be jeopardized if the eyeball dries out and is permanently damaged. "

Katie Johnson
You should swallow honey to cure a sore throat.

Vaughan: "No, it feels good when you swallow it but it doesn't have any long term impact. Strangely, putting honey on skin wounds or burns does help heal those tissues! Honey has a strong anti-bacterial affect but it needs to be in contact with the affected tissue for longer than the time it takes to swallow a spoonful of honey down your throat."

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