The Seven Best Food Scenes in Will Ferrell's "Elf"

Categories: Seasonal

2. "I painted a picture of a butterfly!"

If you lave an elf home alone, prepare to have your abode turned into a winter wonderland - that is, after he overcomes his fear of the growling radiator. For breakfast Buddy revives the leftover spaghetti and syrup and adds a few other treats to mix. We've always wondered how Ferrell managed to eat this chocolate-spaghetti-Pop Tart mess without gagging.

1. "Do you want to go eat food?"

We'd be hesitant to go out with a guy in green tights, but when it comes to adorable date proposals this one takes the cake.

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Gina Wilkinson-Montague
Gina Wilkinson-Montague

can't stand Ferrell. I'm more of a 'It's a Wonderful Life'/'Love, Actually'/'You Can't Take it With You' kinda girl

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