The Seven Best Food Scenes in Will Ferrell's "Elf"

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Still from Elf
Chances are you'll need a break from the family at some point today and unless you're a die-hard holiday traditionalist, it's fair game to break out the Christmas movies as of right...wait for! We love the classics, of course, but it wouldn't be the happiest time of the year without our favorite 21st century holiday flick, Elf.

There are so many gems in this movie, and one-liners that could make even Scrooge crack a smile. Will Ferrell's performance of Buddy the Elf reminds us every year to hang on to our sense of humor and innocence during what can be a hectic, stressful, crazy time of year. It's a Chow Bella favorite, so here's our list of the seven best food-related scenes from Elf.

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7. "We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup."

To kick things off we'll start at Buddy's first dinner with his newly discovered human family. Evidently, the average elf diet closely resembles that of a Canadian five-year-old around Christmas and Buddy's enthusiasm over the spaghetti-syrup combo almost makes us want to try it for ourselves.

6. "You did it! World's best cup of coffee..."

The Big Apple can be a scary place for young children, people from small towns...and elves from the North Pole. Buddy, unfamiliar with the insincere ways of the world, takes advertising to heart.

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Gina Wilkinson-Montague
Gina Wilkinson-Montague

can't stand Ferrell. I'm more of a 'It's a Wonderful Life'/'Love, Actually'/'You Can't Take it With You' kinda girl

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