We Ate It: Denny's Nerd-Bait "The Hobbit" Menu

Ando Muneno
Cheddar Hobbit Hole.

Ando: Onward to, entrees. I tried to pick the most thematically accurate dish I could. I skipped over the luridly named Gandalf's Gobble Melt. Mostly because it sounded like a post-Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. Instead, I went for the slightly less luridly named Hobbit Hole breakfast with a Shire Sausage substituted for the pedestrian bacon. Hindsight being what it is, I regret this decision as it was only too late that I discovered my culinary adventure to Middle Earth was going to look an awful lot like a lazy Saturday morning at home. I had hoped that the cheddar buns would bring something new to the Eggy-In-A-Hole formula but this was not to the case. The cheddar bun was bland and not particularly cheddary, although it was suitably soft and functional as a yolk mop. The Shire Sausage though was pretty good, a definite cut above the tiny and sad typical Denny's breakfast sausage. It's reminiscent of a kielbasa but without the same level of spice or flavor. Overall, not bad but I couldn't help but yearn for one of the skillets.

JK: I'm trying to figure out how Hobbit Hole is the less lurid name. The sausage was indeed one of the better casual restaurant ones I've had. Someone correct me if I'm wrong (with commenters like ours, do I have to prompt such things?), but I think the prominent black pepper in the seasoning pegs it closest to a British banger sausage. I can't help but wonder why nobody thought to put very Hobbit-friendly bangers and mash on the menu.

Ando Muneno
The Ring Burger. One onion ring to rule them all, and in the darkness mylanta bind them.

JK: I had been craving a greasy spoon burger all day, so I went right for The Ring Burger. It's a hefty creation, topped with pepper jack cheese, bacon, and sautéed mushrooms. Crowning the burger are three onion rings, stacked on top of the top bun so the whole mess resembles a mountain.

I thought the burger was simply decent, about as good as one would expect for Denny's. The pepper jack got lost under all of the other toppings; I think a slice of cheddar would be a better substitute. The shredded iceberg lettuce and sliced tomato didn't stand a chance under the patty, but at least they took one for the team to keep the bottom bun intact for the whole burger. The accompanying fries were the crinkle-cut Denny's standard; perfectly serviceable and crispy, if otherwise unremarkable.

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did either of you get the trading cards they're giving w/each entree??

Ando_Muneno moderator

 @captkellyj Oh man! I totally forgot to mention those!Yes we both got them. They were actually pretty cool (and one of them was a 20% coupon for another meal). There's also QR codes on the placemats that apparently link out to Hobbit content. Was in a bit of a food coma when I realized that so I didn't check them out. 

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