We Ate It: Denny's Nerd-Bait "The Hobbit" Menu

Ando Muneno
Come along on a magical culinary adventure.

As we reported earlier, the Hobbit menu landed nationwide earlier this week. Given that the movie comes out in a month and that there's going to be plethora of midnight showings, it seemed prudent to check to see if Denny's was really serving up something that fulfill your late-night eating post-The Hobbit needs This job required not one, but two Chow Bella writers.

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JK Grence: Ando, you had to open your mouth. With the two of us as arguably the biggest nerds who write for Chow Bella (and me as the Guilty Pleasures guy), all it took was your quick mention of the new limited-time-only Hobbit menu at Denny's, and we found ourselves on a quest two write about the new limited-time-only The Hobbit-inspired menu at Denny's. This is one of the more inspired promotional ideas I've seen in a while. Hobbits are known to eat meat-and-potatoes comfort food and plenty of it. It stands to reason that if Hobbits existed in modern-day America, they would eat at Denny's on a pretty regular basis.

Ando Muneno
Fried cake batter with sugary sauce. Is Paula Deen a Hobbit?
JK:The first things to arrive at the table were the breakfast appetizer, Radagast's Red Velvet Pancake Puppies. Judging by a number of the items on the menu, the main connection of most items to something in the movie is that they share the same first letter. These reminded me of the red velvet funnel cake I sampled out at the Arizona State Fair; it sounds like a good idea, but the red velvet richness is lost once it gets deep-fried. There was a little hit of sweet from white chocolate chips mixed in, but not enough to channel red velvet cake in any way. To me, they largely served as a neutral vehicle for the accompanying cream cheese icing. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Ando Muneno: JK is absolutely correct in his assertion that the red velvet cake portion of the red velvet hushpuppies never really came through. But they're deep fried sweet batter dipped in sauce in studded with buttery white chocolate chips, that's a pretty hard formula to screw up. It's telling that this is the only dish that we actually completely finished, with some gusto I might add.

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did either of you get the trading cards they're giving w/each entree??

Ando_Muneno moderator

 @captkellyj Oh man! I totally forgot to mention those!Yes we both got them. They were actually pretty cool (and one of them was a 20% coupon for another meal). There's also QR codes on the placemats that apparently link out to Hobbit content. Was in a bit of a food coma when I realized that so I didn't check them out. 

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