What Valley Chef Deserves a Comedy Roast?

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Chef Payton Curry,
Brat Haus

Based solely on his perfect meal, I believe that Aaron May would be up for a roast at a moment's notice. He has the right sense of humor and has a high tolerance for a good potbelly laugh or two.

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Chef Stephen "Chops" Smith,
Searsucker Scottsdale

Michael Demaria -- he's funny, been around for a while, and can take a good joke.

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Chef Peter DeRuvo,
Davanti Enoteca

Hands down, Beau Mac. I would love to celebrity-roast that guy -- and he'd take it as much as he can dish it! Love that dude!

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Bill Sandweg, Owner,
Copper Star Coffee and Circle H Barbecue

Matt Poole 'cause he can take it and he's a great guy -- even if he did steal my coffeehouse idea!

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