Abe's of Scottsdale Shakes Up the Jewish-Style Deli Scene

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Abe's warm and open dining area
Massive deli sandwiches may be what Abe does best -- especially the grilled Reubens ($12), where rye bread can be replaced with latkes, or potato pancakes. Packed with a choice of meat (go with the corned beef or Romanian pastrami), melted Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing, the crispy and slightly greasy latkes turn this classic hoagie into a unique, knife-and-fork affair that could easily be split with a friend.

Walk-up deli.
Inside Abe's, the scene is open and inviting -- more reminiscent of a casual restaurant than an old-school deli. Buttery yellow walls surround a red carpeted floor and rows of booths in the sprawling dining area and coffee lounge. In the back, a walk-up deli features bagels, sweet treats, flavored cream cheeses, smoked fish and meat, cheese, and other traditional favorites.

And with several of the eager-to-please staff, from the hostess to the bus boy, double- and triple-checking on the state of your dining experience, Abe's is clearly trying to get it right.

In just a little more than two weeks of being opened, Abe's of Scottsdale may still have some work to do, but overall, it looks as if this shakeup to the Valley's Jewish-style deli scene can back up its "Finally . . . an Alternative!" tagline and become a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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10050 N. Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

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