"Turducken Ridiculous" Contains Kangaroo, Emu and 18 Other Meats. Really.

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Screen Cap: Itchy/Vimeo
When words fail, only thumbs up can suffice.

Opinions on the turducken's status in the culinary world are divided to say the least. Some say it's the ultimate expression of humanity's dominion over the lesser beings, others call it an atrocity on par with serving with tofurkey. But a radio show down in Australia has upped the ante so far it may be pointless to debate the merits of a dish with only three paltry types of poultry.

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Enter the Turducken Ridiculous, a beast onto itself that contains 20 different types of meat all barely contained within a single pig. That's almost double the previous contender, the True Love Roast, which only had 12 types of meat. Now here's the video illustrating the intensive process of stuffing half the animal kingdom inside the other half. If you're not fond of the handling of raw meats or excess on a biblical scale, this video may not be for you.

Merrick & The Highway Patrol - Turducken timelapse from Itchy on Vimeo.

Here's the complete list of meats inside the turducken ridiculous:

  1. Pigeon

  2. Partridge

  3. Quail

  4. Rabbit

  5. Guinea Fowl

  6. Chicken

  7. Duck

  8. Pheasant

  9. Turkey

  10. Goose

  11. Mutton

  12. Beef

  13. Emu

  14. Goat

  15. Water Buffalo

  16. Oxen

  17. Kangaroo

  18. Camel

  19. Venison

  20. Whole Pig

That's not an ingredient list, that's the abridged manifest for Noah's Ark. So how did it taste? Judging from the video below it actually tasted pretty good. We're not sure what culinary magic they utilized (probably slow cooking) but it at least appears that all the disparate meats got cooked through all the way. And to be honest, aside from perhaps camel, most of those meats sound like they'd be pretty good slow cooked.

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