"There Once Was a Judge from Pie Social...." Meet the Winner of Our Limerick Contest

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We have a winner!

We received more than a dozen limericks in our quest to select a judge (who will join our esteemed panel) for Pie Social, Saturday, November 3 from 2 to 6 p.m. on Roosevelt and 2nd streets in Phoenix.

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The third annual event -- co-sponsored by Chow Bella and Roosevelt Row -- will feature pies baked by 14 celebrity chefs, as well as a community pie sharing section. (Dust off your cookbook -- bring 2 pies and you'll get 5 tasting tickets; or pay $10 for 5 tickets, proceeds go to Bioscience High School clubs.)

pie porn2.jpg
Tedd Roundy
Something gooey and delicious from last year's Pie Social.

Competition was fierce in the limerick contest.

We were particularly fond of Kiersten Traina's entry:

When shortening and flour join forces
They round out a dinner of courses
Apple, chocolate or cherry
Rhubarb or mixed berry
And so goes the sweet Life of Pi(e)

And there was this from Charlotte Merrill:

I'll umpire the Gauntlet of Pie,
on a berry and cherry filled high,
and I'll glide down each row
with my apron in tow
praying for oversupply.

We also got a smile from Allen Freeman:

There was a young schoolboy of Tie
Who was baked by mistake in a pie.
To his mother's disgust
He emerged through the crust,
And exclaimed, with a yawn, "Where am I?"

But only one stole our hearts.

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