1,200 Cows and Counting: Beyond the Fried Food at the Arizona State Fair

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Regan at MS Farm.jpg
Photo by Kate Crowley.
The spirited Regan Moss hugs her cow "Cookie Dough."

If you think Kelvin (Kelly) and Kathy Moss have a lot of kids (Anneke 19, Shelby 15, Sheridan 13, Regan 10, Katie 7, Jackson, 5 and Jensen, 7 months) wait til you hear how many cows they have. Their Mountain Shadow Dairy in Litchfield Park is home to 1200 Jersey cows. This family is definitely on the mooooove. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

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dairy family.jpg
Photo by Kate Crowley.
Anneke, Shelby, Sheridan and Regan Moss with their dad Kelly and "Creamery"

This week is a big week for the Moss family. They will be showing their cows, including "Cookie Dough" and "Creamery" at the Arizona State Fair through November 4.

"The kids spend a lot of time just loving on the animals first before any training starts and both the loving and the training take a lot of time," Kathy explains. She says she feels the kids learn a lot, as she and Kelly didn't grow up showing cows, so the kids have really made their own way. Sheridan is nervous and excited to move up from "beginner" class to the "intermediate" class this year.

baby jensen.jpg
Photo by Kate Crowley.
Jensen Moss gets in on the act.
Did you know that more than 9,000 kids are part of 4-H community clubs in Arizona? Feeling lazy yet? Kids can start showing for 4-H at age 9, but in the open show there is not an age restriction, Kathy says. "So Katie and Jackson both started at about 5 years old."

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