CLOSED: Stacy's Smokehouse on Indian School Road -- Owner Stacy Phipps Says He Will Return

Laura Hahnefeld
Stacy's name has been painted over in yellow on all signs and murals.
When I last spoke to Stacy Phipps, the owner and pit master of Stacy's Smokehouse, he was reeling financially from the shuttering of his Scottsdale location, had been gone from his original restaurant on Indian School Road for six months, and had just opened a new eatery called Stacy's Pit Stop BBQ in Sunnyslope.

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But recently, a new development has taken place, and Phipps looks like he may be in the center of change once again.

Laura Hahnefeld
The sign at the back entrance to Stacy's Smokehouse on Indian School Road.
In June, Phipps said he had not been at the original Stacy's Smokehouse (which he relocated from Jefferson Street in 2008) since January, adding he was no longer part of the restaurant and that his wife was overseeing the business as well as keeping the name.

That arrangement didn't last long. The original location of Stacy's Smokehouse, the purple building on Indian School Road in Central Phoenix just off State Route 51, has been shuttered. And all mentions of Stacy's name -- from the exterior sign to the building's wall mural in the back -- have been covered over in yellow paint.

A sign on the back door states the restaurant is temporarily closed, that Phipps will be back at the Indian School location soon, and directs guests to his Sunnyslope location.

Phipps could not be reached for comment. Stay tuned for details.

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@michelleweak This can't be happening.


...does this mean we're going to lose the 'slope Stacy's when he goes back to re-open the Indian School store? I hope not, I've gotten quite used to having him in our dining rotation.



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