Snoop Dogg Lion Makes Hot Pocket Video; It's Awesome

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Hot Pockets, the official sports food of geeks everywhere, has recently released a truly inspired advertisement. Snoop Dogg Lion has redone "Drop It Like It's Hot" into the Hot Pocket-friendly "Pocket Like It's Hot."

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Here's just a taste of the pure lyrical comedy gold, hidden within familiar beats like pepperoni in a recently nuked hot pocket.

Winners get the meaty meats,
Winners get da cheesy eats,

Besides the fact that it's actually Snoop Dogg doing an excellent parody of one of his most famous works, it was also shocking to realize that Hot Pockets have a mascot. A mascot named Herbie Hot Pockets who appears to be quite agile even though he's a six-foot tall pocket of previously frozen meat and cheese.

Snoop is accompanied by rapper/comedian DeStorm Power, Andy Milonakis and somewhat bizzarely, if that's possible in this context, WWE wrestler Brodus Clay.

The original for contrast:

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Wow, seeing Snoop aging is funny. Is this his version of trying to pull his own George Foreman-like middle-aged re-branding as a lovable, family-friendly pitchman? So many things going on in this ad it's making my head spin. Funny thing is though, despite the overwhelmingly cheesy nature of this ad, it still gets stuck in my head - that's a great credit to Pharrell/The Neptunes for making such a catchy beat and song that even the Hot Pockets lyrics over it are catchy. 

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