Micro Greens: Grow Your Own in Days, Any Time of Year

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Nicole Whittington
Beet tops, collards, arugula, oh my!

What's so great about micro greens? Well, they are good for you. But our favorite thing is that they're super easy to grow, offering instant gardner's gratification for green and black thumbs alike.

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What's that you say? Anybody can grow them? Yeah, anybody. And they grow just about anywhere. In days.

What are micro greens, exactly, you ask? Micro greens are any lettuce, salad green or herb grown or harvested while still in a micro state. That simple. It's culinary genius, really. Because we all know everything is cuter when mini ( for proof see: http://pinterest.com/idekumiko/mini-mini-mini-everything-/), why not jump in on this craze? After all, it's cheaper than buying potted plants of basil at Trader Joe's when trying to be a conscious consumer, or whatever.

Remember, the plant has no way of generating new growth, so if you want more micro greens, plant new seeds. The best season for greens is generally fall to early winter, but since micro greens can easily be grown indoors, you can plant them all year long.

Here's the lowdown: You can spend just $2.69 for a packet of seeds, versus $2/ounce or $30/pound for this specialty mini-garnish.

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Here's how you do it:

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