Brain Cupcakes, Mummy Dip -- and Three Other Ways to Dress Up Your Halloween Party Table

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halloween tablescape1.jpg

The key to a successful Halloween party, aside from the tasty beverages and costumes (of course), is in the details. While there will be plenty of opportunity for experiencing fright the next several days, feeling unprepared for your Halloween festivities should not be one of them.

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Just in case you don't have time to dig through the millions of ideas Pinterest has to offer, I've gone through a picked out a few of the best. The glittered skulls in the above photo are my favorite. Plus, I love that they "put a bird on it."

Putting scary labels on drink bottles is a small step that makes a huge impression. These cupcake and cocktail flags can be downloaded and printed for free thanks to Blush Printables!

cupcake and drink flags.jpg

Use these vintage Halloween poison labels to decorate bottles and glasses, thanks to coco and bella.

halloween drink label.jpg

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