What's Your Most Horrifying Kitchen Accident Story?

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Screams. Blood. Gore. No, it's not your favorite spooky movie. It's just another day in the kitchen at restaurants throughout the country.

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Which is why Halloween seems a most appropriate day to ask Valley chefs and restaurateurs to sit around the fire and tell us their most horrifying kitchen accident tales.

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Eric Flatt, Co-owner, Tonto Bar & Grill and Cartwright's Sonoran Ranch House

I was doing an ice carving for Columbus Day -- a three-block-tall sailboat. I was doing some final touches with my chainsaw and the tallest sail broke. I let go of the chainsaw with one hand and tried to catch the sail as it was falling. I did catch it, but it was so heavy that my hand came down on top of the still-running chainsaw. I wrapped up my hand and headed to the ER for lots and lots of stitches. I was lucky that I didn't lose any fingers, but my hand looked like hamburger.

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Chris Osborn,
Owner, Cadillac Ranch

On our cameras, I saw two cooks get into what started as a play fight and ended in one of the cooks stabbing the other in the thigh. It was the bloodiest wound I'd ever seen because he was stabbed in the femoral artery. It was horrible and one of them earned a felony for turning horseplay into a crime.

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Brent Shinyeda
General Manager, BLD Chandler

One of the cooks in our company slipped walking down the hot line. She tried to catch herself, but only caused the deep fryer to flip over on top of her.

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Sue White
Sue White

Lighting my entire oven on fire when baking two peach pies this past summer after going crazy at Schnepf's. Flamethrower flames. Not only fun when happening, more fun in the cleanup, but maximum fun smelling burnt sugar and burnt oven liner and metal heating elements for the next three days.

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