May I Now Present the Awards for the Chow Bella Halloween Candy Showdown

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The best thing about being the judge for the 2012 Chow Bella Halloween Candy Showdown is, well, being the judge for the 2012 Chow Bella Halloween Candy Showdown. Bring on the sugar rush, Baby.

With the challenge being to whip up a dessert incorporating their favorite Halloween candy, my fellow scribes cooked, crafted, and, overall, helped the bottom lines of Valley candy sellers with their all treat-no trick creations.

My challenge: to choose the winner -- or in this case, winners.

And for this spooky-themed showdown, I've decided to hand out the awards based on some of my favorite monsters.

The best part? You can try the ones that make your sweet tooth tingle simply by clicking on the links and scoring the recipes.

Goblin Award: Amy Silverman's DIY Candy Corn

Not a fan of candy corn? You'll think again with these fun, easy, and preservative free (!) bites of multicolored sugary dough triangles that mimic (and taste tons better than) this Halloween staple. Satisfyingly chunky and not too sweet, this recipe looks like a fun one to make with whatever little goblins are running around the house. You had me at, "it will be a lot like Play-Doh."

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Award: Claire Lawton's Chocolate Chip Heath Bars

Chocolate and Heath Bar toffee? Yes, please. Especially when they're put together in decadently sweet squares and dusted with sprinkles of, wait for it, more toffee. Got the 3:45 Chow Bella meeting blues? A bite of one of these babies will turn you from slumbersome chair-filler into stimulated scribe with words to burn.

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