So-So Huevos and Fabulous French Toast at SOL Mexican Cocina

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Souffle Carlota
But there was one dish I absolutely loved and didn't really want to share -- the Souffle Carlota -- an ultra-rich, crazy-creamy version of French toast made with slabs of Patron Citronage-spiked bread pudding, scented with lemon zest and butter-sauteed until the edges were crunchy. Drizzled with organic agave syrup, dusted with powdered sugar and sided with mango, berries, almonds and drifts of whipped cream, this thing was ridiculously good -- more dessert, however, than breakfast ($11.75).

Drink: SOL prides itself on its premium tequilas, so consider building your own custom margarita ($9). Other beverage options include house-made Bloody Mary ($8), a Grayhound with fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice ($8), a Mango Mimosa and a Botttomless Mimosa ($7 + $1 refills with entree purchase).

Bottom Line: I want to like this place but ultimately, I don't. Prices too high, portions too big, food too average. But I'll be back for the Souffle Carlota, and next time, I'm coming alone.

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SOL Mexican Cocina

15323 N. Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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