FnB and Noca Create Goofy Promo Video for Upcoming Fried Chicken Throwdown

Noca --biscuits.jpg
Courtesy of Noca's Facebook page
Noca's honey butter biscuits to be served at Fried Chicken Throwdown
Never mind that the Fried Chicken Throwdown scheduled for Sunday, October 21 at Noca is very nearly sold out. The two contenders -- in one corner, Charleen Badman of FnB, and in the other, a possibly reluctant Claudio Urciuoli of Noca -- and their backup men (namely Eliot Wexler of Noca and Pavle Milic of FnB) have made a funny video to promote the event.

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Granted, the premise of the joke is a bit of a chestnut and Wexler plays it broadly, but that's the beauty of the whole thing. It's so corny you have to laugh. And if you haven't made a reservation yet, better do it pronto.

FCTD from talkback design on Vimeo.

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