New Southern-Style Cooking Spot Coming to Downtown Phoenix (Just Down the Street from Mrs. White's, Too)

Charlie D's Catfish Grill
In the next two weeks, Charlie D's Catfish & Chicken will be doing the unthinkable: opening a Southern-style cooking spot just down the street from the legendary Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe in downtown Phoenix.


The mini-chain currently has two other locations (called Charlie's Catfish & Grill) at Mesa's Fiesta Mall and Phoenix's Metrocenter Mall. Charlie's newest location will be at 1153 East Jefferson Street, at the corner of Jefferson and 12th Streets in the former home of 12 East Cafe.

Here's what diners can expect.

If the new downtown Charlie's is anything like its current restaurants, the experience, unlike Mrs. White's, will be a quick-service one -- with a limited, wallet-friendly menu of Southern-inspired items such as catfish, red beans and rice, potato salad, green beans, and fried chicken (in the form of chicken tenders).

An employee at the Metrocenter Mall location told me that although a few items might be different, most of the dishes at the new Charlie D's will be similar to the other two restaurants.

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Charlie D's Catfish & Chicken

1153 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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ExpertShot topcommenter

The "muslim" family that ran their restuarant at that place and were so successful they were able to move just down the street to right across from the Ballpark.  It's not always the case that people don't succeed at that location. 

Karim's still downtown serving great southern style food - RIGHT DOWN THE STREET FROM MRS. WHITES! Oh my!  Have you been in Mrs. White's Cafe?  There's about 6 tables - there's no problem with competition - matter of fact, the more the merrier!

BTW - I hope we get to play the Blues at that location - we used to have a great time over the years performing at that spot!


Proper southern food and quick serve is an oxymoron. And that location has seen more restaurant failures than possibly any location in town. There was a soul food place run by some Muslims so they didn't serve pork. There was an incarnation of Stacy's. There was another soul food place. This is not chronological, just what I recall. I generally give the places a chance but this one doesn't sound like anything more than "Popeyes" Oh yeah, Laura, if you go review the place (and I know you will as it's by your office) , please ask if they serve Mississippi catfish or frozen stuff from China, which may or may not be catfish. Or even fish for that matter. Ask to see the packaging.


I wish them well in their venture, but I'm pretty sure the proper phrase is "Good luck, you'll need it."

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