Five Terrifyingly Delicious Halloween Cocktail Recipes, Including Black Vodka (Yes, Really)

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It's time to start taking your Halloween party planning seriously. If you're like me, you wait til the last minute and then scurry around in a panic trying to find things that are already sold out. Don't be like me. Use this Pinterest-inspired list to fuel the most important part of a successful party - the beverages, and start gathering the stuff now!

The above photo is of the "classic" candy corn vodka. Every Halloween party should have some. While you could probably find the ingredients for candy corn vodka even at the very last minute, making it requires thinking at least three hours in advance -- as that's how long it takes to infuse. Find the specific candy corn vodka instructions and cordial recipe at the Inquisitr.

Halloween drink1.jpg

I honestly didn't know black vodka existed until I came across this pin. After several clicks and lots of scrolling, I finally found the original recipe. I wasn't surprised to see these spooky Halloween spirits come from Martha Stewart. I can't wait to try the Berry Scary Martini.

blood rim glass.jpg

If you're looking for something a little more gory, read this list of "Boo! Halloween Cocktails." Nothing screams Halloween like some blood-rimmed glasses. YIKES!

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