What's Your Go-To Beer?

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When it comes to sucking down a cold one, we all have our favorite beers. But after a long day at the restaurant, which brews do Valley chefs and food industry folks reach for -- and do they match yours?

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Brent Karlicek,
Beverage director for Upward Projects (Windsor, Postino)

The brew I find myself reaching for most often is Rayon Vert, a Belgian-style pale ale from the talented crew at Green Flash. Wicked West Coast hops, spicy aromatics, toasted malt, and a slightly sour finish. Icing on the cake: they bottle-condition with a hefty dose of Brettanomyces, a wild yeast that adds layers of funky complexity.

Chef Eric Ramirez,
Culinary Dropout

Pabst Blue Ribbon, because it's the closest thing to Lone Star I have found out here. And it's so good ice-cold.

Danielle Leoni,
Chef and Co-Owner, The Breadfruit

Red Stripe. If I'm going for a beer, it's because I want to be refreshed.

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Chef Ehren Litzenberger,
BLD Chandler

Four Peaks Kilt Lifter. It's a great amber beer with an awesome flavor and taste. I enjoy it so much that I cook with it!

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