(Worst) Parent of the Year: Toddler Potty Training In Restaurant

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It's not a booster seat but that is a naked child eating chicken nuggets and... sitting.

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Breast feeding in public has its vociferous avatars and detractors but at the end of the day it is not unreasonable to say that the issue is debatable. Modesty aside, at least everyone is eating in this equation.

But one child-rearing responsibility that should not be on the menu is teaching your child how to drop a deuce over dinner. Which is exactly what happened at a restaurant in Utah last Tuesday. Thankfully, a horrified customer was able to snap a picture for an important PSA and, while the picture has since vanished from Facebook, it lives on through the power of the internet. It's a little sad that this wasn't an Instagram.

We thought Romeo Taus was exaggerating but clearly there is a segment of our population that does not see anything wrong with mixing consumption with elimination. We also have to wonder what sort of "potty training" lesson this sends to the children. Isn't the point of potty training to teach your children when it is appropriate to go to the bathroom? Perhaps not in public and not in a restaurant while you are eating? But maybe the rules are simply very different in that household, who are we to judge.

Perhaps the parents are training their children of crushing gaming related obesity such as those shown in this South Park episode.

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Flyer9753 topcommenter

Someone should have asked this person to stop or leave as this is a serious health violation. I would have left if I had been there and the restaurant didn't put a stop to this.

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