White House Releases Beer Recipes and They Look Delicious

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Screen Cap: WhiteHouse.gov
The President's own... brews.

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Over the Labor Day weekend the White House finally came through on their promises and released not one, but two recipes for beer fit for the President.

The White House also released a nearly five minute long video that walks homebrewers through the various steps, from steeping the grains, to fermentation, to actually getting the brew into bottles. The video is narrated by assistant chef Sam Kass and sous chef Tafari Campbell. They also take us deep into the bowels of the White House where we see, for the first time, the fabled White House Beer Room. Which looks an awful lot like a storage closet but we're sure that's just a coincidence.

They also explain that the seed recipe for their beer came from the Matt Slattery of the White House Mess. The White House Mess isn't a reference to the state of politics today but rather a recognition of the fact that the Mess is staffed by the US Navy and appropriately nautically themed. It is not much of a shock to realize that the Navy is teaching the White House how to brew.

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I'd be interested in trying it if one of our local brewers or brew pubs was making it.


You can pick up recipe kits for these at aletothechief.com

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