Tammie Coe Celebrates Her Birthday In Style: Free Cake This Friday

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Courtesy: Tammie Coe
Tammie Coe has your free crack cakes wrapped and ready to go.

In honor of her birthday, Tammie Coe Cakes will be handing out free slices of her "crack cake" this Friday. Both locations will be serving up free cake but the downtown location will be staying open until 10 PM to help facilitate your cake consumption needs.

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The only catch, and it's not really a catch, is that you need to wish Tammie a happy birthday when you cruise in to grab the goods. No word if a barber shop quartet rendition of the Happy Birthday Song will get you any other goodies.

Courtesy: Tammie Coe
It's her birthday and she can give free cake away if she wants to.
So what exactly is a crack cake? According to Tammie, this crack cake is a flourless chocolate cake filled with chocolate custard that "tastes like ice cream," all wrapped in fondant.

According to the press release we received, this even is also to celebrate the "tremendous business growth" the Tammie Coe empire has experienced in the last year or so. It certainly seems that way given that Tammie Coe goods are find their way into retailers around the Valley and with a Tammie Coe store coming to Sky Harbor's Terminal 4 early next year.

Whatever the case, it's hard to go wrong with free cake on a Friday.

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Tammie Coe Cakes

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