Rusconi's American Kitchen a Nice Add for Paradise Valley Neighborhood

Rusconi's atmosphere is cozy and casual, and with contemporary décor touches.
Rusconi's scene is small and cozy. An atmosphere of clean, contemporary décor with low lights, wood-wrapped walls, and the din of conversation (refreshingly) higher in volume than the restaurant's background music. The waitstaff is friendly and helpful -- especially given some of the timing lags of a week-old establishment -- with servers stopping by frequently, filling water and wine glasses, and making sure guests know their dishes are on the way.

Chef Rusconi seems to have found the perfect neighborhood for his new restaurant. And his small but solid menu of affordable and seasonally changing American cuisine (as well as upcoming lunch and late-night offerings coming in October) should keep guests coming back for more.

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Rusconi's American Kitchen

10637 N. Tatum Blvd., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Have to write about our experience tonight, we are usually regulars at the restaurants over at Tatum and Shea and we were curious about this one in particular, we arrived (party of 5) wanting to have happy hour and committed to the waiter that we were also going to have dinner. The bar was half full and we had a 5 year old so we were seated at the " kitchen staff table" which is the only communal table they have. We requested to have happy hour there while the rest of put party arrived for dinner, we were denied happy hour while seating 2 feet away from the bar area. We then moved lot the bar and we added a stool for our 5 year old, but then the bartender told us we could not seat there with out 5 year old because it was "Friday night and they needed the space" the hostess called the manager to ask him if we could have happy hour at out table, manager came out, took a look at us and denied it.... Turned out to be too complicated and too much work, the staff was not accommodating so we left the place and promised to pass along our experience as much as we can, we certainly DO NOT WANT this type of restaurants in our neighborhood !!! We are regulars at Nicks for happy hour (across the street) and we have never been denied service we cause we have a 5 year old with us, he can sit at the bar with us with no problem. If it was way over and past 9:00 pm, I could understand their politics but it was 5:00. Manager of the place is pretentious, and the place might look nice but their service varies depending on who is requesting it. I would much recommend going next door or to my Greek fat Greek restaurant. YOU matter more on those places. I really hope they close out soon!

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