Paula Deen Performs Unnatural Acts on an Eclair

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This is exactly what it looks like. Cannot unsee.

The New York Post recently released highlights from a purportedly raunchy Paula Deen gag reel. The gag reel is odd because it flies in the face of the wholesome image Deen's has cultivated over her many years as a TV personality and cook.

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In addition to showing Deen consuming an eclair in a rather non-standard fashion, the clips also reveal her cursing up a storm with a smile and poking fun at her own food. At one point she tastes a dish and then remarks, "They smell like stinky coochie."

The New York Post claims that the gag reel is part of a long running legal feud between Deen and Celebrity Chefs Tour, which at one point contracted with her. Checks bounced, suits were lodged, counter-suits lodged back and the end result was a case that only got settled a few weeks ago. Apparently, Deen submitted the gag reel to the company to be used as an introductory act but Celebrity Chefs Tour thought it was a little too ripe for their audiences and rejected it.

Of course if you're a diehard Deen fan and this is all getting you down, perhaps you can take some small pleasure in a series of pictures of Paula Deen riding things.

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Flyer9753 topcommenter

ROFL - Love it!


I bet she did wonders with that eclair - the quiet ones are always the kinkiest :)


I usually don't really like Paula all that much, but.... Good for you Paula!

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