Bob McClendon Grows Organic Veggies for Patients at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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Courtesy of Bob McClendon
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If you think the whole organic food movement is a lot of hooey, I have news for you. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Goodyear doesn't. In fact, this progressive facility so believes in the healing power of fresh, pesticide-free, nutrient-rich food that it's enlisted local organic farmer Bob McClendon of McClendon's Select to grow organic vegetables for its cancer patients and staff members.

The treatment center, which sits smack in the middle of 200 acres of former farmland, is leasing 25 acres to McClendon, who will grow organic vegetables the hospital is free to harvest for its needs. Lettuces, carrots, beets, onions, squash, tomatoes, broccoli and many other vitamin- and antioxidant-rich foods will be picked in the morning and served (both in patient rooms and the hospital cafeteria) the same day. McClendon says it's the only cancer facility in the nation taking a good-food-is-good-medicine approach.

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Courtesy of Bob McClendon
At the moment, about 70% of the center's produce is local and organic. With McClendon on board, they'll be hitting very close to 100%.

Clearly, McClendon has been learning a lot about the disease, pointing out that pesticides are a major cause of cancer and that up to 40% of patients die of malnutrition first, not the cancer that has invaded their bodies.

Knowing that cancer and its aggressive treatment affects the appetite, CTCA offers a juice bar where smoothies are custom-made for each patient. Apparently, people's palates change when they go through chemotherapy, and when food doesn't taste good, patients lose interest in eating. But the smoothie-makers at the hospital are patient-patient, tweaking recipes for each very particular palate until they create something that tastes yummy enough for their "customers" to want to drink it. Now, with McClendon's produce available, smoothie combos will be even more wide-ranging.

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@livingmaxwell @CancerCenter This? This is how CTCA is fundamentally changing cancer treatment. I'm a patient, and so grateful for it!


This is great and I believe ti Goes with the Gerson Therapy for treating some cancers. Which involves a lot of Juicing. Thx to the Local Farmers for being involved.

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