New Gourmet Popcorn Shop in Scottsdale Features Ex-Exec Chef of Queen Creek Olive Mill's Del Piero Restaurant

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My Popcorn Kitchen
Queen Creek Olive Mill
Chef Matt Carvalho
In January, 25-year-old chef Matt Carvalho was knee-deep in olive oil as the newly named executive chef of Del Piero, Queen Creek Olive Mill's signature restaurant. Months later, Carvalho is using oil in a decidedly different way -- he's using it to make gourmet popcorn.

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At the recently opened My Popcorn Kitchen, located in the East Thunderbird Square North Shopping Center in Scottsdale, Carvalho works with owners Kim and Perry Brush to create over 50 varieties of freshly made gourmet popcorn available by the bag or in gift boxes and tins.

So what's poppin' in Carvalho's kitchen? How 'bout beer cheddar, Southwest jalapeño, and pizza-flavored popcorn for starters.

Born and raised in Scottsdale, Carvalho started with RnR as executive sous chef when it opened in 2010 and has also done stints at Wildfish Seafood Grille and Maestro's Ocean Club prior to the Queen Creek Olive Mill Del Piero gig.

At My Popcorn Kitchen, Carvalho whips up seven categories of corn (basic, kettle, savory cheeses, caramel, nuts and caramel, fruity delights, and chocolates) that can be ordered up from a mini, three-cup sizes to giant party packs. Popcorn lovers can choose from traditional flavors like spicy caramel with peanuts, dark chocolate, and salt and vinegar to signature creations such as birthday cake, dill pickle, and bubblegum.

Plus, check for limited-time flavors like cinnamon toast kettle and sea salt caramel on My Popcorn Kitchen's Facebook page.

My Popcorn Kitchen

14202 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale

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My Popcorn Kitchen

14202 N. Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

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They don't stand behind their product.  I purchased a medium bag of Jalapeno Cheddar on Friday.  When I opened it to eat some it was very soggy.  I tried to return it for an exchange and they said once it leaves the store that's it.  No exceptions.  Very poor customer service.  They sell a bad product and won't stand behind it.  HOW DISGUSTING!!


Do they make a popcorn that won't get stuck between my teeth and gums? I hate that.


$18.95 for a large bag of Kettle popcorn, according to the company website. People are going to be driving to this place from all over with those prices!


The popcorn here is sheer heaven. Incredible.

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