Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails: Happy Hour Report Card

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Cheese board
The Local Artisan Cheeseboard -- which doesn't actually feature local artisans this week but never mind -- is pricy at $15 but feels much more worth it. Accompanied by sliced apples, dates, a pinch (and I do mean a pinch) of quince jam, toasted baguette and mixed nuts, the trio of cheeses is outstanding. This day, they include the luxurious triple crème called Explorateur, a smooth, nutty Manchego and an aged, cheddar-like goat's milk cheese from Cypress Grove called Midnight Moon -- all so good I'd return for this plate alone.

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Sopes -- little circles of fried masa dough -- are uncharacteristically firm, which admittedly makes them easier to pick up by hand. But I seriously love the hot-sweet and wonderfully sticky pasilla chile jam with which they're so generously smeared. The little squares of pork belly on top, which aren't as rich and fatty as they could be, almost have the chewiness of cured bacon. They're good, not great ($6).

The best value is surely the crispy-bottomed flatbread, our version topped with duck confit, rich sauce soubise, Gruyere, matchstick green apples and arugula. This thing is delicious.

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The Drink: Super-talented mixology team Shel Bourdon and Tyson Buhler offer the very best reason to visit this happy hour. Cocktails are made with fresh, locally sourced herbs, fruits and vegetables as well as house-made syrups and tinctures. The bar crew even makes their own ginger beer. And the imaginative but grounded-in-reality cocktail selection makes for a mouthwatering read.

During happy hour, you'll find a handful of $4 craft drafts, $6 specialty cocktails (loved my elegant Brown Derby, served in a frosted coupe) and half-price wines on tap. If you're smart, you'll go ahead and spring for the regularly priced $10 cocktails, which are twice as good as $12-$13 cocktails elsewhere. Bourdon tells me a menu change is on the horizon as Blue Hound transitions from summer's thirst-quenching sippers to autumn's warmer, more complex flavors.

The Conclusion: If you're looking for an interesting urban hangout and you love a good cocktail, you won't want to miss Blue Hound. Consider the sometimes-great, sometimes average food a side note, and you'll surely leave happy.

Grade: B

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Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails

2 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ

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Kind of a snippy review. The popcorn may not go well wit wine, but it would be great with beer.


@ChowBellaPHX The best thing at #BlueHound that I've tried at #happyhour is their rosemary fries. #ermahgerd #sogood

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