Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Suing Ben & Cherry's Pornos: Schweddy Balls Okay, But Boston Cream Thigh? Absolutely Not.

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"Ding! Dong!"


"Yes, ma'am. I have that Ben and Cherry's Americone Cream you ordered."

"Americone Cream? I didn't order any Americone Cream. --- Oh, my!"

(chicka bow bow, chicka bow bow, chicka bow bow)

Ben & Cherry's Ice Cream has always satisfied a craving for a cold sweet treat now and then, but now a California smut seller has adapted the company's labeling and tongue-in-cheek names for a series of porn movies.

X-rated ice cream? Needless to say Ben & Jerry's co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield don't like it one bit. In fact, they're suing the company behind "Ben & Cherry's" X-rated DVDS for defiling their peace and love frozen treat image with its "hardcore pornographic" fare.

But c'mon, with naughty names like Schweddy Balls and Karamel Sutra already on the market (you could even make a case for Cinnamon Buns, Dublin Mudslide, and Late Night Snack), it was only a matter of time until someone took the labels one step further -- and did, coming up with DVD titles such as, Boston Cream Thigh, Peanut Butter D-Cup, and Americone Cream, (a spinoff on the Stephen Colbert-named Americone Dream), which promises hot gay men in a delicious mix.

The Consumerist reports Ben & Jerry's has filed a trademark lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, saying the Ben & Cherry's DVDs are exploitive and tarnishing the ice cream maker's name as well as the packaging being similar, right down to a grazing cow, green grass, and big puffy white clouds.

Boston Cream Thigh. I may never think the same way about that one again.

Via: The Consumerist, New York Daily News

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Caballero Video is still around?  I'll be damned...

Doug Osenbau
Doug Osenbau

Don't they have better things to do? I'm sick of sue happy corporations. Who cares! Its not like someone is going to confuse the two, or they will be next to each other in a store!

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