Pavle Milic Harvests the Grapes for His Still Unnamed Wine

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All of the grapes for my blend are in barrel now. The Tempranillo went into two different barrels. One neutral/used barrel and one brand new French barrel. The Primitivo also went into a neutral barrel and the Syrah-which was fermented with Viognier skins to add pretty aromatics- as well. Each barrel houses approximately 25 cases.

While talking to Todd about the blend I told him I wanted a wine that was easy drinking, almost delicate so that it would be more versatile when pairing with food, mainly Charleen Badman's food at FnB where we will have the wine available next year in the fall. So I thought I would want to use all neutral barrels to keep the wine fruity and quaffable. Todd advises that I use at least one brand new French barrel to give the overall blend more textural complexity...a little umph.

In the interim, the wine continues to be monitored. The blend is still unnamed.

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