$10 Lunch at Dilly's Deli

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dillys deli reuben.jpg
Diderique Konig
The Reuben Sandwich on double rye bread

We were in the mood for a sandwich, and after having seen several Dilly's Deli locations around the Valley, decided to stop in for lunch at the Scottsdale Airpark location.

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dillysdeli front.jpg
Diderique Konig
Store front of the Scottsdale location

Simple décor inside this sandwich shop gives way to a long and extensive menu filled with sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, sides and more.

dillysdeli menu.jpg
Diderique Konig
The menu is no joke

After changing our minds several times because everything sounds good, we decided on a hot Reuben sandwich for $7.49 and half a Beauty and the Beef au jus sandwich for $4.79. Both sandwiches come with a pickle and a side, so we choose the pasta salad and the chipotle slaw and sit down.

A few minutes later, our sandwiches appear in baskets lined with wax paper and our sides in Styrofoam serving cups.

The Reuben on double rye bread looks dark and daunting. The sauerkraut hits first -- sour and vinegary (and so good) followed by the corned beef flavor and Thousand Island dressing. The side of chipotle slaw didn't do it justice.

The Beauty and the Beef sandwich consists of sliced hot roast beef with portabella mushrooms with a generous side of au jus dipping sauce. First we tried it with the dipping sauce but it just tastes greasy so the second time around we try it sans. Much better.

dillysdeli beautyandthebeef.jpg
Diderique Konig
The Beauty and the Beef

These sandwiches are comfort food and we recommend them. If you're looking for a quick bite to eat during lunch and are craving a simple sandwich, this sandwich shop might hit the spot.

We fed two people for a grand total of $13.42.

Dilly's Deli
14202 N. Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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Dilly's Deli

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