Celebrate National Whiskey Sour Day. You Know How.

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JK Grence
Ring the bell, it's time for Last Call, where JK Grence, bartender at Shady's, serves up booze advice and recipes. Got a burning question for your bartender? Leave it in the comments and it might be answered in a future column.

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I've been wondering: Who the hell creates national food and drink days? The list is positively staggering. It runs the gamut from broad topics (National Cold Cuts Day, March 3) to highly specific items (National Chocolate-Covered Cashew Truffle Day, April 21); from breakfast (National Pancake Day, September 26) to dinner (National Taco Day, October 4); literally from soup to nuts (you get the idea by now). Someone somewhere came up with each one, either on a whim or as a marketing ploy, and by unexplainable circumstances, it caught on. Now, almost no matter the day, there's something to eat or drink in celebration.

It's all pretty silly. But, when someone told me that Saturday is National Whiskey Sour Day (and that it's reprised on Monday), I couldn't help but smile. So many bartenders, both amateur and professional, make godawful whiskey sours. And now, I have an excuse to write about how to make a great one.

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