Torta Cubana Clash: La Tolteca vs. Los Reyes de la Torta


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The torta just might be one of the most delicious sandwiches on the planet (okay, we haven't had all of the sandwiches on the planet and banh mis are really good too but, for the next five minutes, the torta is the best) and it's also probably one of the most overlooked sandwiches on Mexican restaurant menus.

Savory meat and bean filled sandwiches with creamy avocado and grilled onions on super soft Telera rolls -- our mouths are watering just thinking about the awesomeness of the torta!

Which brings us to this week's battle. We decided to take the Torta Cubana from the almost famous torta house Los Reyes de la Torta, and one of Phoenix's favorite bakery/market/lunch spots, La Tolteca.

Can the Los Reyes Torta take down the Tolteca Torta? Let's find out.

Shannon Armour
In This Corner: Los Reyes de la Torta

The Set Up: This decade-old Sunnyslope Mexican restaurant received its fifteen minutes of fame back in 2010 when Adam Richman of Travel Channel's Man vs. Food made an appearance to take down the massive Torta del Ray.

For this battle, we skipped the 2lb giant and went for something a little more manageable: the Cubana. Ham, cheese, and pork sirloin with tomato, onions, jalapeño and avocado all on a fresh roll.

The Good: The super soft bread was packed full of fresh thick slices of tomato, crunchy grilled onions, and grilled ham with melted cheese. The sandwich was the perfect-sized lunchtime meal and we didn't feel like we were going to slip into a food coma after devouring it.

The Bad: We could have definitely done without the pork sirloin and we would have loved to have traded the pickled jalapenos for fresh slices. The meat was dry and flavorless and we ended up yanking it off our sandwich halfway through. We also ditched the pickled jalapenos because they just didn't go with the rest of the sandwich.

Location Info

Los Reyes De La Torta

9230 N. 7th St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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