Sneak Peek: Sweet Salvage Delivers Treats for Both Your Kitchen and Tastebuds at This Month's Vintage Sale

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Katie Johnson
Candies, cookies, and cakes at Sweet Salvage's Let Them Eat Cake

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This week marks the very first birthday of Sweet Salvage and to celebrate, owners Kim Rawlins and Katie Hobbs are going all out with a sale they call Let Them Eat Cake. This four-day event, which starts tomorrow (Thursday) and ends Sunday, is a hybrid hootenanny of birthday celebration and Francophile treasures, selling everything from Parisian décor, antique kitchen appliances, and enough cake platters to make Marie Antoinette's head spin (again).

Katie Johnson
A display of complimentary desserts at Sweet Salvage

Katie Johnson
All forms of 'cake' at Sweet Salvage
To top it all off, there's going to be actual cake. Well, forms of cake- cake pops, cupcakes, and even some rogue cookies here and there, from Sweetables, Cakepops101, and Cookies in Bloom. Sweet Salvage will be dishing out these desserts, some of them free, throughout the store and replenishing them over the weekend.

"You only have a first birthday once," says Kim Rawlins. "Plus it's in appreciation of their [the customers] loyalty and friendship, and for coming in so often."

And really is there any better way to fuel early-bird shoppers then sugary, frosted finger foods at 10am? We didn't think so.

And to help you navigate through your shopping frenzy (now complete with sugar buzz), check out some of our most delicious finds in the store:

Katie Johnosn
Old school colanders

Katie Johnson
Antique scale. You'll find quite a few of these nestled throughout the store.

Katie Johnson
Vintage Candy Molds

Katie Johnson
Sweet Salvage shortbread cookies from Cookies in Bloom

Katie Johnson
Salvaged baking rack

Sweetables (whoopie pies, dipped Rice Krispies treats, sugar cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops)

Katie Johnson
Cake platters. Cake platters everywhere.

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I LOVE the wooden green "Eat Cake" display!


@ChowBellaPHX Thanks for the @cakepops101 mention on your blog!

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