Seven Ways to Spice Up a Super-Cheap Meal with Sriracha

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The amazing rooster sauce!

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When you're a poor college student, a broke recent grad, or if you just "accidentally" spent your paycheck on a new pair of Frye boots instead of buying actual adult food, your eating choices are limited -- food's expensive. Especially food that tastes good.

Unless you have a bottle of Sriracha. That lovely red bottle of spice and awesome can turn pretty much any meal into a culinary delight. Especially these seven super cheap grocery store items.

Totino's Party Pizzas -- "America's Number One Selling Frozen Pizzas" are all right on their own but top them off with a couple squirts of Sriracha and you can create a wonderful Asian fusion meal. Eat the whole thing yourself with a nice bottle of Two Buck Chuck or cut it into small squares and pretend it's a fancy appetizer.

Ramen -- Attention brand new college students and the freshly unemployed -- Ramen is soon going to be your new best friend. Sounds depressing, I know, but your new food buddy doesn't have to suck. Splurge on the giant bottle of Sriracha (it's like $3 and you're going to need it) and spice up those sodium packed noodles. And if you have some peanut butter laying around, check out this recipe for even fancier ramen noodles.

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Don't forget Ketchup.  I had the spicy ketchup at Rehab Burger and instantly knew that it was a beautiful mix of 2 awesome condiments. 


Sriracha on mac n cheese is good - but gomashio on mac n cheese is better.


So many amazing, unique chile sauces out there, and we drown everything in sriracha!  It's become little more than spicy ketchup.  I say it's time to start expanding our chile sauce horizons.

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