Rascal Flatts Restaurant Chain to Launch in Phoenix With 14,000-Square-Foot Space

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Rascal Flatts
Look out Alice, Rascal Flatts, the award-winning American country band who've sang with Justin Bieber, are developing their own fashion line, and, according to Forbes, pulled down 45 million big ones in 2010, have their sights set on a new venture: a restaurant chain.

And where better to put a restaurant chain than good ol' chain-welcoming Phoenix, natch.

Northeast Phoenix will be the first of 11 planned Rascal Flatts-themed restaurants to open nationwide and in Canada over the next two years. The Republic reports the band has teamed up with Valley restaurant industry executives Philip Lama and Eric Soe to open the location later this year at CityNorth, the housing, retail, and office development at 56th Street and Loop 101.

What can Flattheads expect from the scene? How 'bout some live music?

The Rascal Flatts restaurant in Northeast Phoenix will be a whopping 14,000-square-feet and feature food, live music performances by nationally recognized acts, a state-of-the-art sound stage, elevated and indoor/out door bars, and a retail space.

Additional Rascal Flatts restaurants scheduled to open in 2013 include: Pittsburgh; Minneapolis; Columbus, Ohio; Raleigh, North Carolina; Long Island; and Washington, D.C.

Other locations planned for 2014 are: Boston/Cambridge; Charlotte, North Carolina; Tampa; and Madison, Wisconsin.

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I think it's great that mainstream Country finally has an out of the closet Gay act.  That demographic of folks could use a few more positive Gay icons.

wherewasi topcommenter

I'm thinking the concept might work "somewhere" but not here.


I hope they have The Vees for a live performance or two before they fold.  Awesome Rock-a-billy band that are fun to watch.  The bass player definitely has some sort of hyper-activity disorder that must have driven his teachers nuts, but makes it a blast to watch them perform.


Just add Guy Fieri and you'd have the Four Bleached and Fake Tanned Horsemen of the Culinary Apocalypse.

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