New American Bistro Coming to Scottsdale

Jake J.
Jalapeño poblano pepper burger.
Calling itself, "a traditional American bistro with a modern touch" Sevens' Bistro, a new restaurant at 7707 East McDowell Road (McDowell and 77th Street) that will also service the 3 Palms Hotel in Scottsdale, is scheduled to open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, August 4.

Dishes for the new restaurant include familiar fare such as eggs Benedict, classic sandwiches and burgers, braised short ribs, and ginger miso glazed salmon. A full bar and wine list will also be available.

Sevens' Bistro will be open Monday through Sunday from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m.

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Sevens' Bistro

7707 E. McDowell Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

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So me and my wife went to Sevens bistro the other night and from hearing all the great reviews we thought it was going to be an excellent restaurants but boy was I mistaken when we got there the hostess supposedly with the mostess sat us by the corner where was dark and gloomy then we looked at the menu and thought these prices were little overpriced we were the only people sitting there so we thought we would have great service but instead or waitress had no idea what the menu is all had involved and when we ask questions about the menu she just looked at is dumbfounded and said let me go back and ask the chef so we got our fish in ships with I read penne pasta vodka looks real good taste and it would have been a probably a2 on the scale um the fish and chips were very soggy overcooked and brown so we asked for a difference thing instead of the fish n chips because they did not look I'm feeling when we did this the chef came out and boy would I have would I would not have this person cooking my food looks awesome grafiti and kinda if I wouldn't want to eat here so we decided to get the veggie spread and that was overcooked the eggplant way too mushy the eggplant the asparagus was way much garlic there is sparagus was way too hard so we ask to speak to the manager and instead we got the owner we told the owner we would not be paying for any of the food because we suck c*** roaches walking around and that was just way too disgusting our server was very rude and crafts with us and the chef was also very not professional so after we told the owner we were not paying he decided that he told us that if we did not pay he would call the police because it's considered stealing and we said we would not pay for this food because it is disgusting it is not IP Ling does not taste good and there are cockroaches that is disgusting instead we had to pay the bill because Greg Jacobson the owner was just acting like an immature little child telling us he's going to call the police on us so we don't want to bother with this time or with his establishment ever again all I know is you shouldn't have review letter saying this place is so great when it is a negative 1 out of 10 I do not recommend this place to anyone because of bad service por ownership of the restaurant and really you would have a cook in there looking like that I don't know people its your call if you want to eat here but personally me and my wife will never go back and we will tell all of our friends never to go there because of the way we were treated during our period at Sevens bistros...

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I suggest your remove your false claims Against Sevens Bistro. I have reported You to many industries including to you Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu. Being a disgruntled cook, does not give the right to you to slander any business out there. You lost your Arizona Labor Board Case #1213-2273 so you are retaliating against someone for your out right lies to the Labor Board. I plan to prosecute you and I hope you are ready for this. You have defaced your Mothers name Deanna Depalmer using an account with her name. Now you have dragged your institution Le Cordon Bleu and your mothers name through the mud and you and your mother will feel the repercussions from it. Good Luck

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