La Condesa: Great Eats, but that Wait is Rough

Photo by Alex Rodriguez
Tacos at La Condesa.
Hey, readers, get ready. We're putting new meaning into the term "street food." For Chow Bella's latest mission -- "Eating 16th Street" -- we've employed a young woman who's literally eaten her way around the world. Alex Rodriguez has eaten borscht in Moscow, steak in Buenos Aires and a "life-changing panna cotta" in Bra, a small town in the Piemonte region of Italy. Now we've set her palate loose on Central Phoenix's 16th Street. Rodriguez will try it all, from Jefferson Street north to Thomas Road -- and report back, place by place.

The Place: La Condesa Gourmet Taco Shop
The Food: Casual specialties from various parts of Mexico.
The Backstory: An up-ish-scale taco shop that promotes local artists.
The Price: $4-5 per taco

Photo by Alex Rodriguez
La Condesa from the street.
I was really excited about La Condesa - mostly because every time I found myself on 16th Street, I'd pass it right up and not realize it until I was blocks away. That added to the element of surprise on my first visit (and the first time I didn't pass it up.) Victory!

Photo by Alex Rodriguez
La Condesa interior.

It's a space not for the claustrophobic. But as much as it is tiny, it's decorated with every single detail in mind. The bar stools, for one, have gorgeous hide cushions, with bronze (or bronze-looking) buttons. The bar itself maybe seats 10, and if you make it there during happy hour, you mustn't forget to order the house margarita -- one of best margaritas you'll ever have (it was for me, at least).

Photo by Alex Rodriguez
House Margarita

Be prepared to wait.

Location Info

La Santisima

1919 N. 16th St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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This review was poorly written, rambling, and really gave the reader very little information about the restaurant or its food. If you're going to give someone the task of eating his or her way down such a delicious street of food, at least employ someone who knows how communicate with the reader. 


By the way, La Condesa is amazing.


OK. Now that La Condesa has gained the recognition from Chow Bella, it's time to get rid of the Gladware containers on the salsa bar ! With this much press and business, they can afford some attractive serving bowls ! 

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