What's Your Biggest Kitchen Gadget Regret?

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Michael Monti
Owner, Monti's La Casa Vieja

I'm a sucker for technology. When we put in what seemed like a boldly over-qualified six-tap draught beer system in 1994, I signed up for these electronic flow meters that were going to compile all of these insanely minute statistics on how much of each type of beer we were pumping at each time of day, etc. Useless. Never have seen any benefit from it. Seemed like a great idea at the time.

Chris Osborn
Owner, Cadillac Ranch

A grill top smoker tray. They just don't compare to traditional smokers or even smoker pans to use in ovens or on burners.

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David Viviano
Chef, The Westin Phoenix Downtown

A Cryovac machine for the hotel. The rules and regulations in Maricopa County are extremely strict. It's collecting dust in my storeroom.

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Eric Flatt
Co-owner, Tonto Bar & Grill/Cartwright's Sonoran Ranch House

Flies are a big problem right now. How do you get rid of them without swatting them? I did some investigating and bought a fly vacuum. Looks like a light saber from Star Wars only it's for "Fly Wars." Charged it for 24 hours as directed and put it to the test. Problem is this thing doesn't suck! Yes, that sucks and was a waste of 50 bucks.

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Silvana Salcido Esparza
Chef and Owner, Barrio Café and Barrio Queen

Gadgets? I'm not that kind of chef. I'm lucky I have a can opener. Biggest regret is not having a kitchen big enough to have some regrets.

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In the home kitchen, it's much the same -- you ask yourself for a while whether you're not using it because you aren't challenging yourself as a cook or because it's a bad gadget. Then once you realize it's the latter, it's hard to let go if it was expensive. Worst cheap gadget? This thing that looks like an egg slicer but is supposed to hold a tomato and slice it with a flexible serrated mandoline-style plate. (Doesn't.) Worst gift? Sandwich press. Worst thing we owned? George Foreman grill. (It worked fine -- I don't mean to impugn its quality.)

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