Cork Answers Foie Gras Debate With Foie Gras Fridays

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Braised veal cheek, seared foie gras, brioche, orange-pecan conserve, watercress.
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It looks as if Cork, the wine bar and restaurant of inventive New American Cuisine in Chandler, has come back from its summer hiatus with a vengeance.

In response to California's foie ban to support suppliers who were farming foie the humane way, the restaurant is hosting Foie Fridays, where every Friday, chef Brian Peterson will offer up a different creation of the delicacy for $15.

"We've served foie from day one and it's one of our favorite, most popular ingredients and we want to make it accessible to everyone," says Robert Morris, Cork's owner and general manager.

Cork sources its foie gras from La Belle Farm. One of only three foie gras producers in the United States, La Belle produces its product without the use of hormones, vaccines, and unnatural alterations.

Those desiring less controversial fare can check out Cork's new Late Summer dinner menu (see below) or call to reserve a spot at one of its monthly Sunday tasting dinners which will resume on August 26.


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It's not a cruel process, nor is it driven by greed. It's driven by both an understanding that this whole controversy is fictitious, and the belief that consumers are smart enough to choose on their own whether they feel it is moral it eat it or not. Good on Cork. 


To profit out of this cruelty, shows you have no compassion, respect laws and public opinion, but are driven ny pure greed!!!


Wow, sorry to hear it. I liked eating at Cork, but won't do it any longer. I'm a dedicated carnivore, but believe the animals we eat need to be treated humanely. Foie gras falls well outside that.


Plus, this seems like just a publicity stunt reaction. If that's the angle Cork takes to get people in, that's also rather sad to see.

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