The Five Tastiest Energy Bars

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Photo by Kate Crowley
About half of the bar selection at Trader Joe's Town & Country, is it possible to choose wisely? Yes.

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Most of us are on the move these days -- and with nutritionists telling us to eat smaller portions spread throughout the day, grabbing an energy bar on the run can seem like a good idea. That is, until you eat one that that tastes so bad, it makes skipping a meal seem appetizing.

Nothing can match sitting down for a real meal -- but with bars for protein, bars for energy, meal replacement bars and snack bars, it is hard to know what's best for you, let alone what you'll be able to choke down without gagging.

Check out our list of on-the-go bars that you'll want to grab. You're welcome.

Uber Banana Deliciousness. Photo by Kate Crowley

Name: LARABAR - Uber Bananas Foster
What it promises: Sweet and salty fruit and nut bar
What it delivers: 230 calories, 17g of fat, 14g carbohydrate, 8g sugar, 4g protein
Gluten free, non GMO, kosher
What it tastes like: A very nutty banana bread. Not the most calorie-conscious option, but fresh and delicious with ingredients that are easy to pronounce. You know, actual things you might have in your kitchen. For the record, other flavors of the new UBER bars are also delicious.
Where you can get it: Sprouts, Whole Foods and some Safeway stores
Cost: $1.49

Name: Oskri Coconut Bar - dark chocolate
What it delivers: 180 calories, 10g of fat, 24g carbohydrate, 18g sugar, 1g protein
Dairy free, vegetarian, kosher, gluten free and USDA organic
What it tastes like: A somewhat healthy Mounds bar.
Where you can get it: Some area Whole Foods
Cost: $1.99

Location Info


Sprouts Farmers Market

12415 N. Tatum Blvd., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Whole Foods Market

5120 S. Rural, Tempe, AZ

Category: General


4970 S. Alma School Road, Sun Lakes, AZ

Category: General

Fry's Store

15510 W. Bell Road, Surprise, AZ

Category: General

Sprouts Farmers Market

5225 E. Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ

Category: General

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This is awesome! Thanks for the reviews!  Its always a blunder and time consuming to sit at the grocer in the energy bar section reading nutrition labels.  It stinks to try to set up a mental spreadsheet to help in the selection process -low cal, low carb, high protein, low sugars (but enough to be yummy), etc.  Larabars definitely uber yum!

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