Seven Spots to Eat and Drink Around ASU's Tempe Campus

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Megan Dobransky
Hummus and Baja chicken soup from D'Lish.
D'Lish -- On the south side of campus and a little bit east of ASU on Apache sits the always-packed D'Lish. The kitchen and drive thru of this "healthy" eatery opens bright and early at 6 a.m. and serves freshly toasted bagels, savory breakfast burritos filled with eggs, cheese, and crispy bacon, and grilled sandwiches with portabello mushrooms, marinated chicken, and several different kinds of housemade soup. Try their Morning Buzz smoothie with espresso and peanut butter to get you through that early morning lecture and bring your laptop -- they have free Wi-Fi and a killer patio.

Brosenbrus (Get it? Bros and brews?)
Brosenbrus Coffee Shop -- Don't even think about venturing to Cartel if you actually plan on finding a seat -- those are few and far between when school's in session. Instead pack up your bag and head over to Brosenbrus, located conveniently below the ginormous party apartment building The View. The coffee cafe serves Cartel coffee plus tasty sandwiches and breakfast pastries. Besides, what better way to get your invite to one of campus' biggest parties then by hanging out at the complex's personal coffee shop.

Shannon Armour
Totally greasy and totally delicious for a $5 pizza.
Big Jimmy's $5 Pizza -- You're not going to find a better $5 pizza in Tempe than Big Jimmy's. This place stays open 'til 4 a.m., will deliver, and has really good pizza for the price. They don't skimp on the cheese or the toppings and the crust is slightly thicker than those other $5 guys (aces in our book). Flavored crust is free and they also serve wings and sandwiches.

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I just heard about "Desert Roots Kitchen" yesterday. I am definitely going to check it out next week for lunch.

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