Blue Hound's Stephen Jones on Cooking for Steve Wynn's Wife, the Joy of Fennel Pollen, and Why Pizza's Overrated

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Nikki Buchanan
Stephen Jones of Blue Hound Showing Off the Flintstone Bones
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This is part two of my interview with Stephen Jones, the executive chef of Blue Hound Kitchen and Cocktails. If you missed part one the interview with Stephen Jones, read it here.

What's your favorite food smell: A whole roasted suckling pig.

What's your favorite cookbook: Eggs by Michael Roux. Eggs are such a delicate thing. To be able to master egg cookery, it takes you into a whole other realm. There's patience involved. That expression of patience is what being a chef is all about.

Name an ingredient you love to cook with and explain why: Fennel. It's clean, refreshing and bright.

Most over-rated ingredient: Ras el Hanout. I mean, one guy uses it on a TV show and suddenly, it's everywhere -- on bad dishes!

Most under-rated ingredient: Fennel pollen and bee pollen. When you use them in raw applications, they add a really, really nice fragrance. We use bee pollen on a crudo with bass. People are like, "What is it?" They're both a super-food. We finish our hamachi with fennel pollen. It's bright and clean.

Trend you wish would go away: Pizza. C'mon, be creative.

If your cooking were a genre of music, what would it be: Real hip hop (what's on the radio now isn't real hip hop), blues and jazz. When I cook, there's a beat in my head all the time. We have Bob Marley Sundays. Sometimes we have Mariachi Saturdays. It makes the kitchen, which can be such a stressful environment, lighter.

Favorite thing to eat growing up: Granny's peach cobbler. Insane!

Favorite thing to eat now: Hamachi collar and any raw fish.

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and not very good flatbreads, I might add.


Hey I would love to try that fennel pollen on something. Bring on the peach cobbler.


He dismisses pizza as trendy but serves "flatbreads"? LOL what a phony!

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