The 110% Bacon Burger For True Patriots Who Love America and Hate Their Arteries

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Slater's 50/50 via Facebook
Bald eagles have been known to burst out of your clogged artery at the sight of a burger like this. 

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Today's post comes with the following musical accompaniment. Please open this fine work by Matt Stone and Trey Parker in another tab before continuing. NSFW only if you're a dirty communist fascist hippy who hates America.

The true patriots at California's Slater's 50/50 are celebrating America's birthday in the best way possible: By running a month long special on a little something they're simply calling "The 'Merica." They saw that in these trying times, there's nothing that can't be made right by rubbing a little, or a lot, of bacon on it.

Why would they, a restaurant famous for their blend of 50% beef 50% bacon patties, make a burger that was just bacon? Because they finally had to admit to themselves that the 50% beef might as well have been 50% socialism.

This freedom burger is topped with even more bacon, cheese, a fresh egg and bacon thousand island. Why? Because 'Merica.

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