A Local Lowbrow Legend: Chino Bandido Takee-Outee

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JK Grence
Home of the craziest combos in town!

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The Guilty Pleasure: Combination plate, preferably with a Jade Red Chicken Quesadilla
Where to Get It: Chino Bandido Takee-Outee
Price: About $8
What It Really Costs: Calories at least in 4 digits. If you have to ask...

Since I've started to write about guilty pleasures, there has been one request, again and again: Chino Bandido Takee-Outee. They're nothing short of a local lowbrow legend. To say that Chino Bandido is no-frills is a bit of an understatement. You order at the counter by filling out a form almost as complex as your taxes. Tables are mostly the collapsible banquet kind. Your food comes to you in a foil to-go plate. But, it's near the top of my list to recommend to friends visiting from out of town. Why would I send everyone I know to this outright dive?

It's all about the food, my friends.

In all my eating here and afar, I have yet to find a restaurant with a menu as off-the-wall as Chino Bandido. Fusion restaurants are a dime a dozen, but usually the emphasis is on creating a seamless combination featuring the best of multiple regions. At Chino Bandido, the combinations are more of a stark juxtaposition. The menu features a mix of Americanized Chinese and gringo Mexican, with a dash of Caribbean tossed in for good measure. About the only thing all three cultures have in common is that rice is a common starchy side. So, it stands to figure that you can order any of the 14 entrée selections served over a bowl of rice.

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The real fun begins when you order a combination plate. You get any two entrées, plus your choice of rice and beans. This sounds pretty ordinary, except for two things: First, you can get any entrée wrapped into a burrito or folded into a quesadilla. Second, those entrées include the most popular selection, Jade Red Chicken. The Jade Red is a little tricky to pin down; I describe it as somewhere between Sweet & Sour and General Tso's. For some reason, the sweet/tangy/spicy Jade Red works its magic best as a quesadilla. Much like peanut butter and bacon, it's a pairing that makes you wonder if someone was out of their mind when they put it together... until you try it. Then, you wonder why nobody else does anything like this.

Location Info

Chino Bandido Takee-Outee

15414 N. 19th Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Chino Bandido Takee-Outee

1825 W. Chandler Blvd., Chandler, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Emerald Chicken Quesadilla. The stuff I dream about. Heaven. Great owners too. 

Jim Harasek
Jim Harasek

I'm from Chicago, and make it out to Phoenix a few times a year.  Gotta stop at Chino's at least once each trip!  Everything is great in a combo with black beans and jerk fried rice.  The Pollo Diablo is one of their spiciest menu items, so beware gringo!

Sheila K
Sheila K

How do I love Chino? Let me count the ways...Emerald chicken, Jade Red chicken, Chile Relleno, jerk fried rice, black beans and a snicker doodle (or a baker's DOZEN of them). Took our daughter here on her 16th birthday and never have I seen such a happy group of teen aged girls. They decorated her snicker doodle with whipped creme and pink sprinkles. Owners are fantastic and friendly as well.

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