Pita Jungle's New Ad Has Nothing to Do With Pitas or a Jungle: Discuss.

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After you've finished giving your what-I-did-for-the-Fourth-of-July recap to your co-workers for the zillionth time, you're going to need something else to discuss. Here's a suggestion:

Scottsdale-based Pita Jungle, the Mediterranean-inspired healthy eating chain with over 15 locations throughout Arizona and California, has released its very first commercial. It's kind of about pitas (but not really), has nothing to do with a jungle, and is loosely influenced on spaghetti Westerns -- and when I say loosely I mean like how House of the Dead is loosely based on horror cinema.

Take a watch at the one-minute version of the ad (there's a thirty-second one out there, too) and feel free to use these handy, pre-made conversation starters. You're welcome.

- Did you see Laura Hahnefeld's blog post about the Pita Jungle ad?
- Why does everyone but the healthy-eating cowboy have their shirts tucked in?
- Do you think that bug went up his nose?
- Why does the saloon barkeep stop the patron from pawing the prostitute? And more importantly, is that 'stache real?
- When did goatees become so prominent in the Old West?
- Dude, was that a rattlesnake!?
- Why is no one drinking at this saloon?
- Seriously, what is up with that billowy shirt?
- Are Pita Jungle's pitas a quarter now? Awesome.
- Wait, what did he say?

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It's a shame that a place with the word pita in the name serves mediocre pita bread from a plastic bag. They could do so much better.

Dominic Armato
Dominic Armato

I suppose it's too much to ask that they put the television ad budget towards just making better food, huh?


says virtually nothing about Pita Jungle, like Mitt Romney, and the food at Pita Jungle, the ad is empty of genuine content.

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